Ryder Rentals

This is a straightforward, flat, medium-sized yard not too far from The Castle.The modifications are minor (see the two comparison images). A few fences moved or removed, the large building has been made “safe” by patching a few holes, a fresh navmesh, a few scrappable trucks instead of shipping containers and that’s really about it!

Please see the Readme.txt in downloaded file for simple install instructions.

-Lore-friendly: Yes (minor changes to the original cells)
-Companion friendly: Yes
-Settler Recruitment: Yes
-Supply lines: Yes
-Water: Yes
-On-site Buildings: Yes – 2 fair conditions, 1 medium size player home interior
-Scrapping: Lots (vanilla) to Everything (Scrap Everything mod will be needed to scrap buildings, but this may have unwanted side effects!).
-Threat level: High (Super mutants/Mileurks/Ghouls)
-Must be cleared of hostiles to activate: No

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