A Sanctuary Hills Overhaul

This mod provides many new features:

  • Repairs the roofs of all the houses and replaces textures (big thanks to thewickerman34 for this).
  • Replaces the houses that were once rubble with brand new houses based on the other houses in Sanctuary Hills.
  • Places snap points for doors in all the houses (see the last image).
  • Removes all the furniture (excluding the player house), rubble, and trash from all the houses.
  • Workbenches and select items from various houses were kept.
  • Repairs the Bridge while still maintaining a “broken” appearance.
  • Cleans out the river.
  • Removes the dead raider and dog in front of the bridge.
  • Repairs all the fences as well as adding a yard to one of the houses that were once rubble.
  • Moves the garden to the new yard, as well as making the mutfruit that was behind the house with the cellar no longer wild and moving them to the garden.
  • Moves the dirt that you cannot remove with scrapping mods off the road (doesn’t repair the road’s cracks though).
  • Keeps NPC’s from hammering that stupid house.


To do:

  • UP NEXT: Add models of all the houses to the build menu, so you can swap the houses for what you want.
  • UP NEXT: Replace the furniture that was in the now empty houses with some better-looking furniture that will be hand placed and unique to this mod.
  • UP NEXT: Add a dumpster where Codsworth has stashed the stuff he has cleaned out.
  • UP NEXT: Add an optional file to take out the fireplace in the workshop building.
  • Will be added AFTER the next update by request: Deepen and clean out the river surrounding the island Sanctuary Hills is located on.
  • Add a pool to one of the house’s yards.
  • Add an optional file to repair the road.
  • Expand the border to include the whole island of Sanctuary Hills.
  • Using my 3ds Max skills, repair the walls of each house.
  • Make a Pre-War Version.
  • Still being debated on: Add a Miss Nanny that had helped Codsworth clean up Sanctuary.
  • PUSHED BACK TO A LATER DATE: Add an option to remove only the trash, leaves, vines, some bushes and dirt out of the settlement. (AKA: only the stuff Spring Cleaning removes).

You can also use Sanctuary Hot Springs to expand further!

Already done a lot of work on Sanctuary and don’t want to start a new game? Uses Cell Ripper to effectively restart the work made in your settlement have what is in this mod!

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