Scrap Everything Mod for Fallout 4

This mod fixes the glaring oversight Bethesda made when they chose to only make a small fraction of objects able to be scrapped. With Scrap Everything, you, the user, has the final say on what stays and what goes. Want to scrap your settlement down to the bare bones and have yourself a whole bunch of empty land to go wild on? Done. Want to scrap things like trash, debris, vines, bushes and even dead machines, animals, and people, but leave the buildings and trees? Done. This mod allows you to scrap literally everything in each any every one of your settlements, should you so choose. I am currently working on expanding what you can scrap so that eventually, you’ll be able to scrap pretty much everything in the entire game (with a few exceptions such as load doors).

This mod scraps everything that these mods do (and more): Spring Cleaning, Scrap Dead Things, Scrap Scrap, Scrappable Commonwealth


Download: (2209 downloads)

Credit: shadowslasher410 and Kuroitsune

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