Snap’n Build Mod for Fallout 4

Snap’n Build Mod adds a new category under “Structures” – “Snap and Build”, to your workshop.

This is the “all in one” compilation of my Snap’n Build mods. Allows you to build your own Greenhouse, Bunker, Capsule home and Industrial construction set.


Snap'n Build Mod
Snap’n Build Mod

Four painting variants for “The Capsule” module” :

  1. Vault-Tec style
  2. Institute style
  3. Brotherhood of Steel style
  4. Minutemen style
  5. Default one, vanila.

Three texture variants for “Industrial” set:

  1. Default one, vanila.
  2. Rusted, looks more realistic. Thx to  Junnari for them!
  3. Military.


Snap’n Build v1.9-7393-1-9.7z 175.7 MB

Credit: ad3d0

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