Steel ENB

Steel ENB is aimed at people seeking maximum realism without piling on a ReShade with their already heavy ENB. I strongly recommend that you try this if you play the Survival mode, or if you’re a screen archer searching for a realistic look for your screenshots! If you aren’t one for dark interiors, realistic lighting or sharper visuals, this ENB probably isn’t for you.

Utilised Effect:

  1. Depth of Field – DoF is an effect that focuses the player’s camera when directly looking at an object, blurring everything else to mimic peripheral vision.
  2. Adaptation – Mimics the iris of the Human eye when immediately looking at something bright, and then dark.
  3. Lens -Lens is used to intensify and exaggerate lighting for a cinematic effect. Here it is quite subtle, and you shouldn’t notice it too much apart from when looking at the sun or a wet object.
  4. SSAO – Often just referred to as ‘Detailed Shadow’, SSAO is a very performance-draining effect used to add shadows where they are otherwise missing, such as on grass or bumps on surfaces. While heavy, it’s not recommended that you get rid of it, as your game will suddenly look very dull again.
  5. General Effect – ¬†There is a wide range of general tweaks that help the ENB, such as Desaturated Shadows, Saturation, and Colour Filtering. You cannot disable these without changing the values back to vanilla, but they will, of course, disable when you untick ‘Use Effect’ like every feature will.


  1. Download the latest version of ENB in here.
  2. From the Wrapper Version folder, drag and drop both d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll into your Fallout 4 main directory (ProgramFiles (x86)/ Steam/ Steamapps/ Common/ Fallout4). I am not yet familiar with Injector versions, so I am afraid you will have to ask somebody else.
  3. Download the latest Main File from this ENB preset’s file tab.
  4. Drag and drop EVERYTHING into your Fallout 4 main directory, the same place as before.
  5. Change the ENBLocal.ini file to suit your system. More info on this topic can be found in THIS VIDEO by tapioks


  • Remove every file from this ENB manually. Uninstalling ENBs is usually safe.
  • Download the very useful ENB and ReShade remover tool.

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