Desert Eagle Mod for Fallout 4

Desert Eagle Mod adds a Desert Eagle to Fallout 4. It uses .44 ammo by default with conversion to .38 and .50 Calibers. It has custom sounds and textures.

[Fallout 4 Mods] Live Dismemberment

Inspired by the musings of musical artists such as Blue Stahli and Carpenter Brut, I bring you the pinnacle of brutality-based engineering – your very own .esp that allows you to FUCK!NG KILL anyone who stands in your way with the power of mutilation! Now, after crippling an enemy’s limb, the limb in question has a chance (or guarantee!) of blowing into bits or falling off, depending on the situation!

[Fallout 4 Mods] Dino’s Decorations

Dino’s Decorations Mod adds 31 different clutter arrangements ranging from kitchen stuff over lab tools to things for the office space – and more.

Tactical Flashlights Mod

Tactical Flashlights adds 6 wearable flashlight models to the wasteland. Each piece occupies different armor slots, has different stats and bonuses, and some allow ballistic weave to be applied.

[Fallout 4 Mods] Darker Nights

This mod will make the nights in the Commonwealth darker. Not by a whole lot, but dark enough I think so that you know the night has fallen without having to check the time on your pip-boy.