Teen Curie Mod

When I saw Wren10’s uploaded save game for the character Kahlan, everything about her screamed Curie to me. Regardless of Curie’s actual age, she really is (at least to me) a girl in her mid-to-late teens. Bright and passionate, yet naive and inexperienced, and perhaps a little emotionally wounded from the harsh world she finds herself in. ***I hope I don’t catch any hate for that, I’m not generalizing teenage girls by any means, merely describing this teenage girl***

When I saw Wren10’s Kahlan, I couldn’t see her as any character but Curie, so I set out to make an ESP. With Wren10’s blessing, I am uploading it to the Nexus. Minor changes have been made as you can see if you compare my screenshots to the original mods. Most notably, the hair mod Wren10 used is no longer available, so I picked one I felt was suitable from Azar’s Ponytail Hairstyles mod. Also, when I loaded the save game Kahlan had some acne around the mouth, which I removed with slm commands, incidentally removing the moles from the original save. I’m not sure what the discrepancy was there, as I’m pretty sure I have any mods listed as required on the original that would effect this. Lastly, this is my first attempt at a companion makeover, or even an ESP in general, so let me know if I messed up and I’ll try to fix it.



Teen_Curie-11470-1-0.zip (268 downloads)

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