The Sturmgewehr 44 Mod for Fallout 4

The Sturmgewehr 44 (german for storm/assault rifle) was the world’s first widely used assault rifle. Germans realized that combat more frequently happened in the range of up to 800m, so that the long range of the 8mm Mauser cartridge was unnecessary for general combat, and its high recoil made fully automatic fire unwieldy. An intermediate cartridge would allow for a role between bolt action rifles, like the Kar98K, and submachineguns, like the MP40. Thus began the development of the 7.92×33/8mm Kurz (8mm short) and the Sturmgewehr (at the time Maschinenkarabiner). The weapon was well received by german troops, but had trouble in its development caused by administrative complications: Hitler did not agree with the need for a new rifle and an intermediate cartridge, though he allowed the project to continue as a new submachine gun, which it did, but only in name (Maschinenpistole 43/44). Later, seeing the acclaim for the “new rifle” and its performance, Hitler was impressed, and according to the legend he named it Sturmgewehr.


  • 2 barrels: standard and long.
  • 2 stocks: standard and alternate handguard.
  • 15 receivers
  • 3 magazines: standard, quick, and drum.
  • 8 sights: iron sights, glow sights, combat scope (2.5x and 4x), short scope, medium scope, and night vision versions of the last two.
  • 3 muzzles: none, bayonet, suppressor.

Custom sound (recommended: Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul)



Credit: Sam Fisher

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