Tidy Settlers

This mod adds a rubbish bin as a new craftable, workable item for your settlements. When a settler is assigned to the bin, they will begin to clean up the random debris in a fairly large area (4096 unit diameter, the width of a game cell) around the bin.

The debris will be tidied bit by bit over the course of several days (20-ish in most cases, but it depends on how dirty the area is). Even after everything has been tidied, keeping someone assigned to it will continue to add happiness to the settlement. The bin can also be moved in order to change the focus of your settler’s efforts.

You can build a rubbish bin from the Resources/Other section of your workshop menu (next to the scavenging station).

This mod requires that you add the line bUseCombinedObjects=0 to the [General] section of your Fallout4Custom.ini in order for the mod to detect all the types of junk. If you have already started using the mod, then once you add this line and restart the game, simply pick up a bin and set it down again to trigger it to re-scan the nearby rubbish.

Items that will be tidied:

  1. Ash Piles
  2. Bushes
  3. Bramble
  4. Branch Piles
  5. Fungus
  6. Goo Piles
  7. Hedges (but not the huge hedges like in Sanctuary)
  8. Mirelurk nests
  9. Piles of leaves, dirt, bricks, trash, etc.
  10. Plywood
  11. Roots
  12. Shrubs
  13. Skeletons
  14. Vines
  15. All sorts of general debris and clutter (including 2D ‘decals’)

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