Vault 101 StyleSheets for Mod Organizer 2

Starting on re-coding it for Evil Institute so when that’s up I’ll revise the code so that they are all the same…..

Eating Off the Floor

With Eating Off the Floor, you can quickly consume any food, drink, or medicine straight off the floor (or table, or wherever) without opening your inventory.

PSO-1 Reticle

This is PSO-1 Reticle for the Vintorez/AS-VAL, weapons from this mod Spetsnaz Rifle – Standalone Rifle by undyne777

V740T New Lockpick

New interface lockpicking, more detail, and scale for easier positioning pins.

Skip Bethesda’s Intro Mod

This mod simply removes the Bethesda’s starting intro. Now you can start the game much faster.