Eli’s Armour Collection Remade – Vanilla and CBBE

Mod adds over 30 outfits to the game:  It combines my Armour Collection, my Utility Jumpsuits and the Sleeveless Outfits.

Vanilla-and-CBBE-1 Vanilla-and-CBBE Vanilla-and-CBBE-2


Armour & Weapon Keyword Community Resource

CBBE for the CBBE version of this mod (And Bodyslide of course)


  • They can be crafted at the Armoursmith Workbench.
    Depending on the faction and style, they can be crafted under CASUAL OUTFITS, MILITARY OUTFITS, ARMOR,
  • You can upgrade most of them with Ballistic Weave or Lining Mods at the Armour Workbench.
  • They have armour rating depending on whether they look buff, or just casual armour.
    Usually it’s something like 5 to 20 DT and 5-10 energy and rad res.
  • The Stealthy Jumpsuit (dark submarine uniform) and Railroad Utility Jumpsuits have the Chameleon legendary effect, they require Stealthboys for crafting. Most others have some sort of SPECIAL buff.
  • Some can have armour pieces worn over them, some clip too badly.
  • The “synth” uniform comes in four flavours, BY DEFAULT IT IS FOR MINUTEMEN. Choose in the installer if you want BoS, Railroad or Institute instead.

If you want these to replace the vanilla stuff you need to look at my retextures page where I uploaded non-standalones.


Eli’s Armour Collection 3.4 – CBBE-7369-3-4CBBE.7z 168.0 MB

Eli’s Armour Collection 3.4 – VANILLA-7369-3-4.7z 144.1 MB

Credit: Elianora

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