Vault 119

Vault 119 is located west of Mahkra Fishpacking in the North East of the Commonwealth.

  • Working Settlement
  • Very large buildable area for your custom Vault
  • Fallout 1 & 2 style gear door
  • Custom Vault 119 Suits and Security Armor


  • Fallout 4
  • Vault-Tec Workshop

Recommended Mods:

You won’t be able to build Vault-Tec structures until the DLC’s questline is complete and Vault Structures Everywhere by Emee is a great workaround for those who don’t wish to wait.


  • Extract archive and place ‘Vault119.esp’ + Folders [Materials, scripts, Sound, Textures] into ‘Data’ Folder in Fallout 4 Directory.


Vault 8.9 MB

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