Vault Corners Plus

This mod adds corner pieces with window(s) as well as corners with doors + window for the rooms and atrium (only the floor/wall combo piece so far).


  • A single wall piece for the interior of rooms works great as a divider and matches the wallpaper.
  • A new set of colors for the rectangular window.
  • A railing that snaps from the back instead of the front, useful for stairwells.
  • An Atrium Trim piece that snaps to the back of an atrium wall and/or the front of the “free” atrium wall included in the mod.

There is two other Quarters wallpaper that does not appear in the game. These wallpapers have already been added to the existing room walls by Sirbalin’s Vault 88 – More Vault Rooms.


Vault-tec workshop DLC required.


No Menus changes, no conflicts. The objects will appear in their respective categories.

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