Visual Reload Compatibility Patches

Enables popular weapon mods to work with Visual Reload by Pauderek.

Requires:  Visual Reload!

Weapons Currently Supported:
Present in All in One file:

  • M2216
  • R91
  • M14
  • Modular Kalash Assault Rifle
  • DefenseGun
  • DKS-501
  • Crude Blowback
  • HK USP .45
  • M1911
  • Glock P80
  • M9
  • MAC-11
  • Walther P99

Only available in Optional Files:   Mauser Family
Weapon Packs Supported:  Skibadaa’s Weapon Pack
(Note: If you are installing his AWKCR version, make sure you download the AWKCR version of the patch from here too otherwise you’ll get `missing master` errors.)


  1. Install Visual Reload
  2. Install the required weapon mod
  3. Download the compatibility patch with NMM or manually
  4. Load patch .esm after weapon mod .esm

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