Vivid Fallout – Landscapes – Textures in HD for Fallout 4


This is an overhaul of original landscape textures and some new ones, I’m going to add more over time. Alternative archives in 2k(HD) and 1k for weeker systems are provided as well.

Most wasteland grounds are available by now, I will add the rest by time and replace the ones I dislike.

I just sharpened the textures somewhat, added new normal maps and a slight shadowing. However, the result looks quite good and…

How to activate loose textures:

  • 1. Copy the  archives ‘Data’ folder to the ‘Data’ folder in your game directory
  • 2. Locate C:\Users\MyName\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Fallout4.ini and add:

Just keep the mod tracked if you want to stay up to date


Nexus Link

Credit: Hein84

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