Lighter Handmade Rifle

The AK-style rifle added by Nuka-World was a tad too heavy, so it lowered the weight.

Vanilla Weapons Calibrated to Modern Firearms

For those of you who don’t know weapons or are rednecks, 7.62×51 is .308.This mod fixes that by making the vanilla guns do the same amount of damage as a weapon of the same caliber from Modern Firearms,

Improved Handmade Raider Rifle

This mod bumped up the base of the damage a little, increased accuracy a bit, added a larger base ammo capacity, increased range,

Nuka World Vintage Alien Blaster

All this mod does is fix up, tweak, and re-add the unused Animatronic Alien Blaster.

Better Miniguns

Damage and fire rate have been increased to all barrels as well as an increase in an effective accuracy.