WET – Water Enhancement Textures for Fallout 4

This mod offers alternate water textures for your game. I didn’t really like the look of the default ripples due to odd ‘wrinkles’ in the textures themselves. It makes them look less dynamic, shows up more repetition, and also makes it look like actual eyes are peering at you – if you look close enough. I have designed these textures similar to the originals, but for them to make their own ripples of their own accord. The water now looks more dynamic and less artificial in nature due to my unique approach to creation.

There is now a plugin included that edits all the water you see in the game at a base level. Waves in ponds and lakes will now lap, ocean water will now churn, and every other type of water will just look that much more natural. Oh, and let’s not forget the water surface seam fixes that Bethesda doesn’t care about for some reason.

Also included:

  • Foam textures
  • Rain ripple textures
  • Rain drop textures
  • Waterfall textures and meshes
  • Splash textures and meshes
  • Effect bug fixes


The mod now also supports ENB water displacement (or parallax) in the water textures themselves. WHEN this releases, you should grab a compatible ENB and ENB version to enable more depth to your water. Default game water does not currently support this effect, only the textures in this mod have it.


WET 1_73-244-1-73.7z 12.2 MB

Credit:  SparrowPrince

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