Workshop Synth Production Mod for Fallout 4

Tired of relying on radio beacons – the Craigslist roommate ads of the wasteland? Want to rapidly populate a settlement? Wish that cute Raider were a little friendlier? Have you ever dreamed of a world where everyone is Piper?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, manufacturing your own synth settlers could be the answer! Sculpted to look like the individual of your choice, but obedient enough to work whatever dirt farm you stick them in, homemade synths are there to fulfill your every settlement need. As long as that need can be fulfilled in a thick Boston accent!

First you’ll need to retrieve a schematic holotape from the Institute’s Robotics department. If that’s… no longer possible… you can also find one which miraculously survived the explosion nearby. Quest markers will point you in the right direction. The tape contains a bit of backstory on the Institute’s AGAR project and grants access to the following devices:

Synth Fabricator

This miracle of science is capable of assembling a synth every thirty seconds, and can be set to single or automatic production at any terminal. Production requires 6 batches of synth tissue, 12 bone, and one modified synth component per settler created. And yes, it’s fully animated and every bit as awesome as the Institute’s version.

Body Scanner

Constructed at a chemistry station, this “gun” can be used on any NPC, living or dead, to store their image as a synth template. Up to eight female and eight male templates can be stored at a time.



Direct Link:Ā Workshop Synth 5.4 MB

Nexus Link

Credit:Ā Kentington

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